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        Welcome to Shandong Besten Import & Export Co., Ltd.

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        Dezhou City, Shandong Province China


        Shandong Besten Import & Export Co., Ltd.all rights reserved.魯ICP備18021053號

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        +86 534 2266 963



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        +86 534 2266 963



        Products Index

        Our fabricated steel structure production base covers an area of 100000m2, it includes steel structure production workshop of 20000m2 and large storage yard of 35000m2. And meantime the base secondary project painting workshop of 6000m2 and fabricated steel structure external wall and internal wall workshop of 18000m2 is in planning and construction. Our core business covers the design, production and construction of various kinds of steel structure factory (light weight type and heavy duty type), steel structure warehouse, large-span bridge, station (grid structure and truss structure), and the export of light steel villa, prefab house, and container house.

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        Renewable Energy ProductAs low-carbon economy and application of clean energy is advocated on the global scale, we set up professional team and develop solar mill series products according to the actual needs and situations of our overseas branch companies, local people benefited a lot from it. We also undertake the EPC project of large overseas solar PV power system, large solar lighting project and solar PV pump irrigating project.

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        Based on the construction material supplier database of our group, we provide one-stop procurement service of decorative construction material to the global clients, products cover hundreds of categories of integrated ceiling, wall board, decorative ceramic, decorative glass, decorative stone, and decorative woods.

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        We have built good cooperation relationships with hundreds of domestic famous construction machinery supplier, our main products include excavating machinery, earth moving machinery, compact machinery, engineering lifting machinery, pilling machinery, pavement construction machinery, concrete machinery, concrete products machinery, steel and pre-stressed machinery, decoration machinery, aerial work machinery, and other construction machineries, we also sale hardware and electric tools of famous brands.

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        Our Besten Fine Wine is the excellent authorized distributor of BARON EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD in China . Our core products are Rupert & Rothschild Classique, Rupert & Rothschild Baron Edmond, and we also market and sale Flechas de los Andes, Chateau de Malengin , Chateau des Laurets and other international famous brand red wine.

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